L3P and Datsville

By Lars C. Hassing

The town.mpd was taken from Jacob Sparre Andersens page: http://hugin.ldraw.org/LEGO/Byggevejledninger/#datsville.

To be able to render the huge POV file generated by L3P in finite time on my old PC (450 MHz Pentium II, 128 MB RAM) the QUAL flag in the POV file was set to 0 initially using the -q0 option, (see the -q<n> Quality option):

l3p -q0 -cc5000,-4000,-5000 -cla0,0,-1500 -b15 town -pov
This generated town.pov (11 MB) and launched POV-Ray for Windows. I chose 800x600 AA 0.3 and hit the Run button. Parsing took 8 minutes, rendering took 90 seconds. Peak memory used: 178 MB.

With QUAL=0 there are only 57,000 Frame Level Objects (POV primitives) in the scene. With QUAL=1 or 2 there are 837,000 Frame Level Objects, and with QUAL=3 it soars to almost 11 millions Frame Level Objects! So rendering it with QUAL>0 will really make these objects fight to get represented by the mere 480,000 pixels in the 800x600 image :-)

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Last updated August 18, 2001